We understand the building process, and are committed to quality design and construction. Our use of qualified professionals produces a superior finished product, faster, easier, and without the problems that others experience.

Step 1: Planning

If you make a few important decisions well you can ensure a favorable outcome. These include picking your architect/builder; your design and your site.

Step 3: Construction

With a contract in hand, you can apply for a construction loan and we can start getting permits. This takes 3 -4 weeks and site work starts only when both are complete. From that time the construction takes 7 -10 months.

Step2: Design

When you’ve decided we should be your designer/builder we are ready to get started. With a minimal deposit we will custom design your home, help with material selection and specification and then price it to exact cost.

Step 4: Warranty and Service

Our commitment to quality is not over with your occupancy. We extend a two year warranty, instead of one year as is standard. Many other materials carry warranties well beyond that, out to 50 years.

Design-Build Advantage

With Blue Water Homes you get the best of working with a registered AIA architect and our experience. Architects see the big picture and create total environments, both inside and outside that are functional and fun places to live. Experienced builder architects understand constructability, materials and costs to help you avoid the problems others experience and ensure great results.

A warranty twice as long as typical builders.

Working with our higher quality subcontractors, vendors and materials allows us to confidently extend our standard warranty to two years on all components in your home. Extended warranties, up to 30 years and beyond are also included for specific materials.

Guaranteed comfort and energy savings are built in…

through a comprehensive program including design and construction of exterior walls and heating and cooling systems, inspection and testing during and after construction. Its the only way to build for your family.