Hardwood Floors VS Laminate Flooring

Are hardwood or laminate floors better designed? This is a common debate when the owners decide to change the floor when they leave to make some improvements at home. When you buy a floor of a house, you have the option among several options. However, hardwood and laminate floors are two options that offer durability, appearance, and quality. However, deciding which of them is the best option is not an easy task, since both have their own characteristics.

Below is a comparison between wooden floors and laminate floors.

Laminate flooring

Unlike natural wood floors, laminates are not made of real wood. The high-density fibrous material or the wood chip compound is the material used to make them and the melamine infusion paper to add the top layer to the ground. Laminate floors also have a thickness of 3/4 inches, as do hardwood floors. Aluminum oxide is also included in the top layer. That is why they are much more resistant to scratches than hardwood floors since real wood can be scratched easily. Laminate floors are also more durable. There are several options for laminate flooring available today, including those that mimic the appearance of real wood. Although they are not made of real wood, they can wear out after a while. They can also lose their freshness, being lifeless and opaque, if they are not well maintained. Like wood floors, laminates can also be installed by interlacing or gluing them together.

Wooden floor

As the name suggests, the wooden floors are made of real wood. They are an integral part of solid wood. The total thickness of 3/4 of these floors is made of wood with a solid natural finish. Natural colors tend to be quite versatile and almost any color can be complemented by giving them a proper finish. For example, you can create an elegant look by choosing mahogany boards or you can create a rustic look using pine or rustic oak. To maintain their shine, they should be regularly swept, and sometimes also waxed or greased. There are two ways to install a hardwood floor: you can use a blocking element or stick it to the floor surface. In this way, you can create a floating floor, which is easier to replace if necessary. The installation is also very easy. Another cost-effective alternative is designed hardwood floors, which have the same refined quality with textures and similar grains. If you’d like to learn more contact Carpet One Floor & Home

Why Should You Choose Hardwood Flooring Instead of Laminate Flooring?

Unsurpassed durability

The high-quality hardwood floors are designed to be superior to laminates in terms of strength. They can withstand the damage caused by furniture and other heavy items and are much less prone to cracks, flaking, and dents.

Timeless versatility

Do you want a really personalized floor? The finish of the laminate floor cannot be changed, but a modern parquet floor can be sanded and customized to obtain different treatments and dyes. This will ensure that you get the best floor to complement your style and decoration.

Easier to repair

Hardwood can be sanded to repair imperfections. This is one of its greatest advantages. Greased hardwood floors are particularly impressive because they are easy to repair if scratched. All you have to do is sand the affected area and apply a thin layer of maintenance oil. The same can not be said for laminate flooring, which is difficult and takes a long time to repair. Even if you buy laminate panels that go together, you may find it difficult to find appropriate replacement panels, depending on the age of your floor and the amount of sunlight you are exposed to.

Real wood floors, especially oiled hardwood floors, can be a reasonable long-term investment for your property. Homes with hardwood floors succeed again and again in the real estate market. After all, wood is always beautiful and warm. It can also last a lifetime with proper care. It is also relatively easy to maintain and will always look great. The hardwood floor may seem expensive at first, but its benefits certainly outweigh its initial cost, considering its useful life.

Whether you’re investing in hardwood floors or renovating your home with affordable laminates, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and priorities before making a decision. If you want to invest in your home and get the benefits later when you sell, hardwood flooring is a good option, but if you want to rebuild your home on a small budget or if you have an active home, Laminate is more likely to satisfy your needs. needs

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